When today’s children enter adulthood, the environment may look much different than it does now. The climate is changing rapidly, with impacts on people and ecosystems around the world. For a safe future, we must make rapid, concerted efforts to reduce greenhouse gases. But faced with fast moving changes, even the most ambitious efforts may not take effect quickly enough to ensure safety for people and stability for the natural systems that sustain them.

Options for directly reducing heat in climate, such as increasing the reflection of sunlight from the atmosphere, may help protect our natural systems, allowing more time to address the underlying causes. With more time, we may be able to avoid the worst effects of climate change while we transform our industries and practices for a sustainable future.

SilverLining’s mission is to promote research into options to counter near-term climate risks to better ensure safety within a decade.


SilverLining releases its report for U.S. policymakers: Ensuring a Safe Climate - A National Imperative for Research in Climate Intervention and Earth System Prediction, which reviews considerations for research in options to counter near-term climate risks. March 15, 2019, SilverLining

The National Academy of Sciences launches a new study to develop a research and governance agenda for reflecting sunlight to cool climate. Oct 16, 2018, National Academy of Sciences

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