Ensuring a safe climate.

When today’s children enter adulthood, our planet may look much different than it does now. The world is working collectively to reverse the damage done to our climate, but reducing emissions and removing greenhouse gases may not take effect quickly enough to ensure our safety.

Options for directly reducing heat in climate, such as reflecting additional sunlight from the atmosphere, may help extend the time available. With more time, we may be better able to avoid the worst effects of climate change while we transform our systems for a sustainable future.

SilverLining’s mission is to expand options for safeguarding the climate within a decade.

“It is universally recognized that the pledges made in Paris would lead to a warming far beyond 1.5 degrees — more like 2.5 or 3 degrees Celsius, or even more.”

- Chris Mooney and Brady Dennis, Oct 7, 2018, The Washington Post

The National Academy of Sciences launches a new study to develop a research and governance agenda for reflecting sunlight to cool climate. Oct 16, 2018, National Academy of Sciences

Photographs courtesy of photographer and science advocate Christopher Michel